Why cans?

Single serving size 

At 250ml, a can is the equivalent of a single large glass of wine. More environmentally friendly than a mini-bottle, cans offer the chance to enjoy wine without the need to open a whole bottle (and often finish it!). 

100% (and infinitely) recyclable

Aluminium cans are recyclable over and over without losing any quality. In fact cans are infinitely recyclable and 75% of all aluminium ever made is still in circulation. This is doubly good news, because aluminium is the most cost-effective material to recycle – saving 95%.

Find out more at recyclenow.com.


Cans can be enjoyed anywhere. On the beach, by the cricket pitch, on a train, at a picnic…

No corkscrew. No glasses. No broken bottles. No wastage.

Less wastage

Laithwaites found that the average British household throws away two glasses of wine a week; that’s 17.3 bottles per household annually or a massive 624m bottles. ¼ of those said they opened more than they wanted to drink. A 250ml can is perfect for those times (and all others!)