The Copper Who?

Hello world!

At The Copper Crew, we focus on one thing – quality canned wine. Founded by friends Theo, Sam and Oli, we produce great wines specifically sourced to be canned. Choosing cans rather than bottles was an easy decision – they’re more environmentally friendly, can be taken anywhere and come in a more convenient serving size.

We are a Cambridge based business, and despite 2020 throwing the proverbial kitchen sink at us, we are thrilled to finally launch.

But first, a bit about us. Who is The Crew?

First up, Oli. Cambridge born and bred, when Oli inadvertently found himself applying for PhD programs to put off applying for grad programmes, he realised he needed to save himself from becoming a student forever. While studying in the States for a year Oli found himself at the epicentre of the rise of canned wine. A growing obsession led him to think that this might just work in the UK. While he might be good with ideas, Oli knew he needed a co-founder with the technical and financial skills needed to get something going….

In comes Theo. Also raised in Cambridge, Theo and Oli have been best friends since reception and were always batting ideas back and forth with each other. Before The Crew, Theo was living a life of spreadsheets as a management consultant, giving him the business know-how needed to kick things off for The Copper Crew. From his time living in South Africa, Theo also happened to know a budding wine producer who knew the wine industry inside out…

Enter Sam, winemaker extraordinaire. Sam has recently finished studying oenology (the science and study of winemaking) at Stellenbosch University, so when it comes to wine he really knows his stuff. Making Oli and Theo feel like they squandered their time at university, Sam has also set up his own wine label, Minimalist Wines, while at Stellenbosch. Minimalist’s success in South Africa meant Sam soon found himself in London exhibiting his wines to the world. While there, Sam was written up as one of Jancis Robinson’s wines of the week. Sam would never admit it, but for a young winemaker being written up by Jancis Robinson is like being listed as number #1 in the Forbes 30 under 30. Sam brings this expertise to The Crew, sourcing our wines, running the canning line and generally being our insider in the bewildering world of wine.

The Copper Crew Winemaker

Note: The Copper Crew’s wine has not come in contact with Sam’s feet… (or anyone else’s)…

And that’s us. Aside from running a business together Oli, Theo and Sam (ish / maybe) are also all gingers, so when it came to names it was obvious. We are The Copper Crew. 2020 may have ripped up our business plans over and over again, but wine drinkers – we’re coming for you!

The Copper Who?