Five occasions to drink canned wine

Apologies for linking you all towards The Sun. However, on this occasion, it’s worth it. The clip is a train announcement asking for any passengers with a corkscrew to come forward as ‘a group of ladies in coach H bought a bottle of wine with a cork, rather than a screw cap.’

Watch video here.

Much of our customers’ feedback has mentioned that our wine would be perfect for trains. They wonder, though, whether we think that is unfair as it implies that they do not appreciate our wine sufficiently. Not at all! Our wine is to be enjoyed wherever you find yourself and, as the clip shows, that is often when a bottle is impractical. The announcer didn’t even get into the issue of glasses - did they remember those?!

It did get us thinking that we should offer a few suggestions for our favourite occasions to enjoy our wine in case anyone else was wondering...

On the train

We’ll start with the obvious one: the commute. Okay, probably just the commute home.

This is prime time for a bit of wine. You’ve discreetly (and easily) kept the can hidden away in your bag through the day. Now you’re sat on the train, watching the world whizz by, thinking of what you’re going to watch on TV that evening... what better occasion to sip a can of wine. Unlike the ladies in Coach H, you don’t even have to worry about a glass or a corkscrew.

Canned wine is so convenient, light, unbreakable and at 250ml perfect for a 30-45 minute commute. Any longer and maybe pack two!


A slightly more sophisticated occasion - don’t worry, drinking canned wine is still acceptable!

There’s probably more than person involved and you maybe don’t want to drink the same thing: some of you want wine, others want beer, maybe someone has even brought a canned cocktail. Great, sounds like you’ve got yourself an excellent day out.

On such occasions a bottle of wine can be too much, especially if within the wine drinkers someone wants rosé and another wants white. That’s what makes canned wine the perfect picnic wine!

Take a cool bag of cans. It’s light to carry there, you don’t need to worry about breakages in the bag, and you’ll have a wine on hand to suit all demands. Plus if any goes unopened, then you can just take it home and pop it back in the fridge for another day.

Evenings in

Kick back on the sofa with a glass of wine in hand. Don’t want to open a bottle with the knowledge you’ll likely end up finishing it? No problem.

Helping to save the planet, drinking less midweek, or choosing red when your partner wants white, there are plenty of benefits to ditching bottles and cracking a can.

Just because you open a can, please feel free to pour it into a glass. Simply because our wines come in cans does not mean they always need to be drunk from them - you don’t drink your Casillero Del Diablo from the bottle!

By all means if a can is convenient (like a train or picnic), then do. But if you are having a nice evening with a nice meal then we recommend pouring it into a glass. The psychological, sensory effect will make it feel more luxurious and everyone deserves a bit more luxury midweek.

At a festival

Go for it. Pound for pound a can of wine is a great festival option. Higher alcohol content than you’d get from G&T but just as refreshing. Need I say more!? Actually I probably ought to, please drink responsibly!

A bonus: at a Copper Crew tasting!

If you really can’t find an occasion to drink our wine or you’re already a fan and would like to know more, then may I suggest a tasting hosted by us.

As we emerge from Covid restrictions, we can offer these in-person once again. Ideal for office parties!

Alternatively, we happily do these virtually over Zoom or Teams. We can also send food pairings for each of the wines too.

Please click here to find out more and send a request to us!

Our wine really is not for the cellar, but for everywhere else!

Five occasions to drink canned wine