Cutting down? Why canned wine might help with a drier Jan and 2022

Last year, 6.5 million people started Dry Jan. Six days into the new year, The Drinks Business reported that 2.7 million of those had already given up according to a poll conducted by KAM Media.

This year 7.9 million people are attempting Dry Jan and the number completing it will likely also be higher than 2021 (the lockdowns last year made Dry Jan a particularly challenging vintage...). But given those statistics on dropout, it is likely that some of you reading this may have tried Dry Jan before returning to the comfort of a glass of wine.

For those of you who are keen to get back on track with Dry Jan, the app Try Dry from Alcohol Change UK is a great resource. We've also been getting stuck into a few non-alcoholic drink options. It helps that my sister has recently got a job at Days Brewing, so we’ve become better acquainted with the world of non-alcoholic beer in particular.

If you’re not keen to restart Dry Jan, then perhaps you fall into a second category: those looking to cut down. Maybe you enjoy a glass of wine at the end of a long day and, as a result, teetotalism was a step too far. But, if you started Dry Jan in the first place, then it is likely you identified some aspect of drinking which you wanted to change. ‘Drink-less January’, is perhaps more appropriate?

Over the summer as we drove our ambulance across the UK, we met a huge number of people who fell into this group. Typically, they would say something like:

“Even if I open a bottle only wanting a glass, I normally end up finishing the whole thing.”

We got the sense that most people didn’t mind that some of the time - drinking more wine, for most people, is not a hardship. There were others, though, for whom not opening more than they would drink would’ve been welcome. The statistics back this up with 25% of drinkers saying that they would like to reduce the amount they drink in 2022.

Our customer feedback has suggested that canned wine is often consumed on such occasions. It is typically when you’re at home and want a glass of wine, but maybe not a whole bottle.

So, if you’re looking to cut back this year, then may be it’s worth trying canned wine (poured into a glass)!

And if you’re doing Dry Jan and staying on track, then don’t let us distract you, keep up the good work!

For full disclosure, Oli and I are both attempting Dry Jan and, so far, remain on track. It’s not particularly easy running a wine business but we both thought it a useful challenge in the interests of physical and mental health. 

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Cutting down? Why canned wine might help with a drier Jan and 2022